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19 years old;
Teacher to be;
Kids <3;

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love this song
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Well, hello tumblr. It’s been way too long :)

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I can’t tell you why, but I have just wanted to cry since last night. I don’t even know why. But Im sitting here attempting to clean my room still want/starting to cry. Maybe it’s hormones, I did just start. Or maybe I’m tired of seeing fucking couples. Maybe it’s cause my best childhood friend just got married, and I’m not even dating anyone. Maybe it’s cause nothing ever works out the way I want to. Whatever the fucking reason may be I would appreciate it if it just stopped. I would like my happy life back. K thanks. I’m annoyed. Beyond fucking belief. Everything is irritating me and the one person I want to see, isn’t going to come surprise surprise. What ever.

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That&#8217;s all I want

That’s all I want

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That sad moment when you see that you’re replaced, and can do nothing but accept it. 

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